Joe Krempetz

Sound Designer & Audio Engineer

[email protected]

+1 (650)-450-0665


A variety of audio-related projects, including professional installations and personal projects.

Santa Cruz Shakespeare Delay Speakers

Designed & Installed a Set of Delay Speakers for sound reinforcement for Santa Cruz Shakespeare 

Keyboard Tray for Q Lab Programming

A small maple tray trimmed with walnut, it mimics the exact keyboard/trakcpad layout of my Macbook Pro. I cut a plywood template, then copy routed the pattern into a cut from UCSC's old Mainstage sound desk (which you can find pictures of further down this page.) 

Basic Microphone Pre-Amp

Built with a Graduate Research Group at the UCSC Digital Arts Research Center, I use this home-made pre-amplifier for recording nature and other foley effects that I use in my designs. 

UCSC Classroom AV Installations

In the Summer of 2015 I helped Eric Mack to design and Install AV Systems for 5 classrooms at UCSC Theater Arts. I enjoyed the experience of working with existing infrastructure and placing conduit to install new TVs from 65" to 85" as well as conferencing and audio systems.


  • Presonus 16.0.2 16-Channel Digital Mixer
  • Crown XLS 2500 Amplifier (U215 Highs)
  • Crown XTI 6002 Amplifier (U215 Lows)
  • Crown I-Tech 6000 Amplifier (LS1208s)
  • Obey DMX Lighting Controller
  • Custom NL4 + DMX 3/5 Pin Patch Bay
  • Furman Power Conditioner

Ephemeral Events Audio Rack

In 2016 I built a 16U rack with a slanted 10U position to hold a mixer and amplifiers for small events. We have used it at dozens of events since, and it provides a spacious drawer of storage as well as DMX for our lighting rig and Speakon NL4 outputs for up to 4x LS1208 Subwoofers and 4x U215 Tops. 

UCSC Mainstage Mix Position

In the Summer of 2016 I worked to redesign the mix position for the M7CL at UCSC Mainstage. Although the original position put the A1 facing away from the stage and forced them to crane their neck, the new position took advantage of existing architecture to provide a full view of the stage and better integration with Q Lab equipment. The Scene Shop helped build a custom desk and I helped Eric Mack to design the setup, then punched down the new racks of patch bays and connected/tested all playback gear.